Train with The Former WBF Super Middleweight World Champion, Junior Earl “Sweetness” Butler

Train with The Former WBF Super Middleweight World Champion, Junior Earl “Sweetness” Butler

* The Open Gym 1-Day Pass includes the use of all available equipment around the parameter of the gym for self-guided workouts and routines. Training with JEB is not included with an Open Gym 1-Day Pass.

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Ahwatukee Arizona • (602) 775-2462
4747 E Elliot Rd • Suite A127 • Phoenix, AZ 85044

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JEB Boxercise is designed for all and can be tailored as needed for men, women, kids and seniors

It is an intense cardio/resistance workout incorporating boxing moves combined with a fast paced cardio that trains not only your body but also your mind. Also offering athlete speed and hand training, circuit classes, kids fitness, small group training , self-defense and personal training.

"The workout that does more for your body than exercise." ~ JEB

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6 Months

  • Take Unlimited Classes*
  • One JEB Boxercise T-shirt
  • One JEB Friend Pass
  • $5 off Gear Package

Drop-In Classes

JEB Boxercise

The core of the entire JEB Boxercise training system the includes boxing, cardio, strength, agility, and speed

Self Defense

Train to defend yourself with JEB Boxercise techniques and while getting an amazing workout at the same time

Core and Strength Training

Intense training that increases the power of the core and your overall strength through weight training and movement

Circuit Training

Circuit training the JEB Boxercise way with JEB's specialized techiques and style to get your heart and body moving

Ab Blaster

A fast paced cardio workout that focuses on your core by using the quick techniques of the JEB Boxercise system

Couples Classes

Join us as a couple to burn calories together while having fun at the same time with the JEB Boxercise training technique

Open Gym 1-Day Pass

Open Gym 1-Day Pass

Join us for a few minutes, or all day, in our open gym. This 1-day pass gives you access to all the equipment to work out on your own.

4 Session Packages

Move Your Body for Seniors

Get your body moving and feeling great with our age-appropriate workout for seniors (package of 4 sessions only)

JEB Boxercise Kids

Kids learn to concentrate, listen and react all while burning calories and having fun (package of 4 sessions only)

Hand Training for Athletes

Professional, collegiate, high school, and club athlete training to build speed and stamina (package of 4 sessions only)

Personal Training

Personalized one-on-one rounds of JEB Boxercise specialized training with JEB (package of 4 sessions only)

Scheduling from a TimeZone Other Than Arizona

IMPORTANT: All appointments will be scheduled for Arizona MST. Please be mindful scheduling an appointment when outside of Arizona, as the appointment email may indicate your appointment time as the time zone that you scheduled your appointment. For instance: If a Personal Training package is purchased and an appointment is scheduled while you are in the Midwest, say Chicago, the appointment time indicated in your email notification may be 1 hour or 2 hours ahead of the actual appointment, depending on the time of year. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

* Monthly memberships include JEB Boxercise, Self Defense, Core and Strength Training, Circuit Training, and Couples Classes only. Membership package excludes the couples classes unless both couples have paid for a membership. Drop-in classes are available at a per-class drop-in charge without a membership. Click here for drop-in classes and pricing. JEB Boxercise Kids, Move Your Body for Seniors, Hand Training for Athletes, or Personal Training are available in packages of four (4) sessions only. Click here for package classes and pricing. ** The Onetime Friend Pass is valid for only one friend to accompany you to a single class one time.

We are a privately owned gym that offers many fitness classes and training Programs based around a program created by The Former WBF Super Middleweight World Champion, Junior Earl “Sweetness” Butler called JEB Boxercise.

Build Confidence

JEB Boxercise builds confidence, while doing JEB Boxercise you will notice that you are able to switch off from the outside world and being in the present. JEB Boxercise is fast paced and above all it’s fun, leaving little room in your head for unhealthy, sad or depressing thoughts. JEB Boxercise helps avert daily stresses and gives you a fresh perspective to better deal with problems, issues or things that are bothering you.

Increase Energy Levels

JEB Boxercise is a very popular exercise. Not only is it a great way to deal with pent-up-anger and emotions, it’s also an excellent way to increase energy. Whether you want to fight and win a World Champion like me or simply want to get into shape and stay fit, JEB Boxercise will build your stamina, strength and energy so that you can go do the things you want.

Boost Your Mood

JEB Boxercise is a stress reducer: While doing and hearing JEB Boxercise your brain increases and produces endorphins that create feel-good thoughts. Punching Mitts relieves muscle tension that’s collected when you experience stress.

The Jeb Boxercise Story

JEB Boxercise is for everyone (Men, Women, Kids, Seniors and Athletes). We help to train your body and mind to go after the things you want, until you succeed!