Cancellation and Class Policies

FREE Classes

Cancellation or rescheduling of a free class will result in the class being forfeited. Free classes cannot be rescheduled. The system will automatically cancel the class if a reschedule is submitted, and that class will no longer be available. While we understand that life happens and things change, we kindly ask that the day and time picked for the free class is chosen carefully so you can take advantage of the exciting class and don’t miss out! The free class is for anyone that has never had the JEB BOXERCISE experience. IMPORTANT: Anyone attending JEB BOXERCISE classes must be scheduled to participate in JEB BOXERCISE classes.

Membership Packages

Early cancellation of three month, six month, or twelve month membership packages are subject to a cancellation fee. The following fees may apply and be automatically charged for early package cancellation: $200 for three month, $175 for six month, and $150 for twelve month. The cancellation fee will be charged on the following monthly payment after the cancellation of the membership.